Legislative Advocacy

The first session of the 128th Legislature is up and running. There are some new faces and more than a few returning ones. The committees look a little different. Given the closely divided Legislature and the Governor’s enthusiasm for vetoing bills, we don’t anticipate too many strides forward. However, there are several key issues that have strong bipartisan support and which have a reasonable chance at achieving success this session.

For a full preview of the second session of the 128th Maine Legislature, read our 2017 Legislative Preview.

Maine Audubon’s 2017 legislative priorities include:

Stream Crossings

A proposed $10 million bond would help fund improvements to our roads by replacing old stream culverts. This will improve public safety by preparing for extreme flood events and benefit Maine’s wildlife by reconnecting fish and wildlife habitat.

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Renewable Energy

The market for solar power is changing - solar is becoming more affordable for businesses and homeowners. Reduce barriers and spur investment in solar power. Maine should position itself to encourage conversion to solar.

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Maine's North Woods

Maine's northern forest is the single largest undeveloped forestland in the eastern United States. Its woods, waters and wildlife create outstanding recreational experiences for Maine people and visitors.

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Open Pit Mining in Maine

Open-pit mining in Maine could result in arsenic, lead, and other toxic chemicals contaminating lakes, rivers, streams, and soils as it has done in other states.

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