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Maine Audubon Speaker Series

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  • Wednesday, Mar 28, 2012 7:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Location: Gilsland Farm, Greater Portland
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  • Free

Not Just Chickens Cross Roads: The Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch Roads are an integral part of our lives, getting us to all the places we need to go for work and play. But roads have an enormous impact on wildlife and habitat, affecting up to 20% of the landscape, fragmenting habitat, creating barriers to wildlife travel and collision risks for wildlife, especially worrisome for some endangered species. With changes to habitats due to climate change these problems for wildlife are even more significant. Maine Audubon, in partnership with UC Davis, MaineDOT, and Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, created the Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch website in 2010 to engage citizen scientists throughout Maine. Volunteers from around the state participate by adding any observations to the website. In addition, citizen scientist volunteers are needed to conduct regular surveys of specific road segments in southern Maine to understand whether Maine’s Beginning with Habitat identified habitat connectors facilitate wildlife movement. Particularly for some of Maine’s most endangered species including the Blanding’s and spotted turtles, black racer snake and New England Cottontail. Observers submit locations of live wildlife and road kill, at

Formerly known as the Naturalist Forum, the Maine Audubon Speaker Series is a free monthly program at the Gilsland Farm Center in Falmouth. The Speaker Series can cover a diverse range of topics, from conservation to legislative issues to gardening to armchair travels. We are always looking for engaging speakers and interactive presentations. If you have ideas for a presenter, or have a presentation yourself, please contact Mike Windsor, staff naturalist, at 781-2330 ext 237

Contact: (207) 781-2330