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Maine Audubon Speaker Series

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  • Wednesday, Jun 27, 2012 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Location: Gilsland Farm, Greater Portland
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  • Free

Chile – from the Humboldt Current to windswept Patagonia” Luke Seitz will present images from his travels in Chile.

Unlike most countries in South America, Chile holds remarkably few birds. Just under 500 species have been recorded in the country – less than a third the amount of the significantly smaller Ecuador, for example. However, for what it lacks in numbers, Chile makes up for with beautiful and unique wildlife and landscapes – and don’t forget the seafood! From the cold waters of the Humboldt Current, with nine species of enormous albatross, to the windswept Patagonian grasslands, see photos and hear stories from Luke’s trip to this remarkable country last year.

Luke Seitz, 18, is an avid birder, artist, and photographer living in Falmouth, Maine. He started birding at the age of six, and after graduating from high school at 16, he spent two years traveling to various places in South America.  He spent most of his time in Ecuador, with shorter forays to Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Costa Rica.  Luke is also a passionate artist, and his illustrations and photographs have appeared in many national and local publications.  He plans to attend Cornell University in the fall, where he hopes to continue his pursuit of ornithology while exploring all other exciting options as well. The Speaker Series will be on vacation in July and August, but will return in September.

Contact: (207) 781-2330