Events & Programs: Youth

  • October
  • E.Y.E.S. – Emerging Youth Ecology Squad
    • Saturday Oct 10, 2015 – Saturday Nov 21, 2015
      10:00 am – 2:00 pm
    • Saturdays
    • Gilsland Farm
    • Child Members: $225 Child Non-members: $275

    CAM00176Students K-5 will develop their ecology skills through outdoor investigation, nature journaling, making comparisons and recording data.

    This 7-week series of classes will take place Saturdays Oct. 10 through Nov. 21Scholarships available!

    This is a drop-off program and students should arrive with a lunch and dressed for the outdoors. 

    Each class of the 7-week series is designed to cover a different topic:

    October 10: Monarch Madness – Butterflies are nature’s jewels. We will feature our treasured Monarch, inspect milkweed plants for activity and search for adults and chrysalis. We will also learn about other species of butterflies. Butterfly migration, life cycle, habitat and other traits will be covered in fun, active ways.

    October 17: Bringing Nature Home – This day will be dedicated to finding simple ways to create suitable habitat for all kinds of species. We will design and construct a few prototypes as well. Possible designs will include hibernacula, bat houses, raised bed of some sort. . .

    October 24: Bats: Nighttime Navigators – Flying mammals? True Hibernators? Mysterious population declines? Learn about Maine bat species and ways to maintain and improve habitat for all bat populations for years to come.

    October 31: Forest “Fun”damentals – Forest ecology will drive our day from top to bottom. We will discuss concepts like interdependence and succession as we explore coniferous and mixed deciduous forests, read the landscape for prior land use and acquaint ourselves with diverse forest habitats.

    November 7: Talking Turkey – Wild turkey nearly became extinct in the early 1930s because of habitat loss and overhunting. We will learn how humans led conservation efforts to recover the species to a population today of over 7 million and we will discuss strategies for protecting other endangered and threatened species in Maine.

    November 14: Who is Still Here? Our state’s human population shifts dramatically when summer vistors leave and only winter residents remain. We’ll find out about the wildlife that joins us in surviving and thriving in Maine’s wonderful winter months.

    November 21: Tucking in Nature – As the days get shorter, animals get ready for the winter. We will uncover different habitats and find the creatures that are preparing for the cold season in and around the pond, marsh, meadow and forest.

    Registrants interested in individual classes must contact their Maine Audubon Educator to make special arrangements. Cost for a single class is $40 for members, $50 per non-members.


  • November
  • Homeschool Field Trip: Forces in Nature
    • Wednesday Nov 25, 2015 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
    • Fields Pond
    • Child Members: $50.00 Child Non-members: $75.00

    We aim to nurture the natural curiosity of children through experiential learning, exploration and play. Every field trip includes a focus question which sets the stage for investigating solutions or providing alternatives. Scholars participate in indoor and outdoor experiences that incorporate academic and social skill building in a small group setting.

    Scholars will participate in activities that exemplify energy transfer and how energy flows through systems. Beginning with the sun as the original source of energy on this planet, we will recognize that energy constantly flows from one form to another. Multiple methods of experience, discovery and activity will deepen the scholars’ understanding of energy.