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Out in the Field: Citizen Science in Maine Classrooms

Out in the Field GIS Class

Connect your students with science and their community!

Join Maine Audubon’s citizen science training and professional development program for middle and high school teachers. Learn about critical wildlife habitat and begin your personal journey toward a better understanding of healthy ecosystems and other core conservation issues.

Transform your teaching. Transform their learning.

Why Attend?

Teachers will benefit in many ways:

  • increase working knowledge of habitat, ecosystems, cycles and change, biodiversity and interdependence
  • acquire strategies for successful outdoor teaching and learning
  • discover meaningful connections to Next Generation Science Standards and other Common Core standards, such as design process, inquiry based problem solving, mapping, analyzing and interpreting data

Participating teachers can receive up to $400 in stipends and materials

  • Free training, curriculum guide and substitute pay
  • CEUs and contact hours
  • A set of wildlife habitat maps of your town
  • Year-long support from Maine Audubon educators and scientists
  • Maine Audubon membership
  • Free field trip to a Maine Audubon Sanctuary
  • Retail voucher for educational resources for your classroom

Current Workshop Descriptions & Dates

Come to one workshop or join us for all of three.  All workshops are from 9 to 3.
Workshop I – Wildlife and Habitat in Your Community The 2013/2014 introductory workshop is designed to maximize your own understanding of habitat in order to teach your students about the natural resources in their community with comfort and confidence.  Maine Audubon will introduce you to innovative models used for identifying and exploring local habitat in this foundational workshop for the “Out In The Field” program.  Participants will investigate the location and quality of plant and animal habitats, local waters and wetlands, and large unfragmented landscapes, as well as the critical connections between these areas using maps, data and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

  • December 6 — Gilsland Farm Audubon Center, Falmouth
  • January 15 — Fields Pond Audubon Center, Holden

Workshop II – Examples of Citizen Science Projects What does an effective project that focuses on wildlife and habitat look like?  Participants will learn about several different citizen science programs that will engage students in meaningful science projects. The students will perform scientific research and record their data online. Some of the projects will include Maine Audubon’s Wildlife Road Watch, Signs of the Seasons and Project Feeder Watch, as well as Project Learning Tree’s Forest Growth Inventory.

  • January 24 — Fields Pond Audubon Center, Holden
  • January 31 — Gilsland Farm Audubon Center, Falmouth

Workshop III — Explore Wildlife and Habitat through GIS What do Maine’s wildlife need to flourish? This workshop will focus on the habitats and connections needed to maintain Maine’s native wildlife.  Teachers will explore their local habitats and wildlife using online Geographic Information Systems (GIS). They will receive the necessary tools and training to use GIS in their classroom with students.

  • February 27 — Viles Arboretum, Augusta
  • Additional dates and locations as interest requires

For more information contact Linda Woodard 207-781-2330 x 213

What teachers had to say about the last Out in the Field Workshop:

“I wanted to let you know how inspirational the workshop was on Friday to me. I have shared the information with many members of my staff, including the principal.” Catherine Hewitt, Wentworth School Scarborough

“I have participated in many workshops and what I like is that this one did what it said it would.”  Monica Wright, Bath Middle School

“It linked me into ideas and ways to get my students doing “real science” and collecting real/usable data.”  Eli Wilson, Bath Middle School

“Thanks so much. It was a wonderfully inspirational workshop. I want to do EVERYTHING!!!!” Lori Safford, Carrabassett Valley Academy