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New resource shows high-value habitat connectors

Thursday, September 27th, 2012
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Wood turtle, photo by Tom Hodgman

In Maine, we are lucky to have many large and small patches of valuable habitat for wildlife. Conserving these habitat pieces is vital to ensuring that wildlife populations in the state remain healthy–but so is protecting the connections between them.

Beginning with Habitat’s Map #3–Habitat Blocks and Habitat Connections–has new information about where the best habitat connections are in each town. Maine Audubon’s newly published fact sheet Conserving Maine’s Wildlife Habitat Connections accompanies the map and is now available to download.



Recent and Ongoing … Road Ecology and Maine Wildlife

Thursday, April 12th, 2012
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This has been a busy month for stream and road ecology. Here are a few programs we worked on and one which could use your help.

Alex Abbott, U.S. Fish & Wildlife presenter at our 4th fully booked workshop on stream crossings demonstrating the differences in culvert design and the downstream impact.


Conserving Maine’s Wildlife On and Along Roads

Thursday, April 5th, 2012
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Wildlife Biologist and GIS Manager Barbara Charry appeared on MPBN’s Maine Watch with Jennifer Rooks .

Barbara discusses the proposal for an east – west highway across Maine between Calais and Coburn Gore. Of particular concern to Maine Audubon are the impacts to wildlife and wildlife habitat caused by a new highway and high levels of traffic.
The show aired on MPBN Television at 8:00 pm, Thursday April 5, 2012. The show rebroadcasts on Friday evenings at 9:00 pm and Sunday afternoons at 5:00 pm. An audio version of the program airs on MPBN Radio at 12:30 pm on Friday afternoons.

Watch: MPBN provides the ability to watch the show on it’s website here, and you may download the show as a podcast.

Barbara Charry is a Wildlife Biologist and GIS Manager at Maine Audubon. Over the last 12 years, the focus her work has been the impacts of sprawling development on Maine’s wildlife, particularly roads.

She became a state leader in this work in 2001 when Maine Audubon became a founding partner of Maine’s nationally acclaimed Beginning with Habitat program, an innovative public/private partnership that provides practical tools for Maine communities to incorporate wildlife and habitat conservation into local land use planning.

Under Barbara’s leadership, Maine Audubon convened the first-ever state-wide conference on road ecology in Maine.  She has written several guides for land use decision makers and community members on the impacts of development on wildlife including a community conservation guide, “Conserving Wildlife On and Around Maine Roads”.