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Great Works dam removal progress update

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012
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After a brief pause due to some unseasonably high water, Great Works dam removal activities have resumed.

PRRT - Spillway A GW_dam June_20_2012_photo credit copy

Spillway A before

PRRT - Spillway A Demolition Continues July 13_2012_ photo credit copy copy

Spillway A After

Great Works Dam Removal Mussel movers 7-14-12 copy

Volunteer "Mussel Movers"

Great Works 7-14-12 copy

Great Works dam demolition

Spillway A beforeSpillway A AfterVolunteer "Mussel Movers"Great Works dam demolition

Above, you will find before and after photos showing the spillway A section of the Great Works dam (before photo from June 20th, and after photo from July 13th); an incredible 10’ difference! The third photo shows a group of heroic volunteers on the bank; “mussel movers” from July 14th. A big THANK YOU to all of them for their hard work.

Maine Audubon was one of many partners and supporters on the banks on the Penobscot River on Monday, June 11, 2012 in Bradley, Maine to celebrate the first step in the restoration of the Penobscot River. The removal of the Great Works dam is the beginning of a larger effort along the Penobscot River that will open over 1,000 miles of river habitat for sea-run fish, and eventually spur additional wildlife and habitat changes. Once the fish return we expect to see more fish-eating birds and mammals as well, including kingfishers, osprey, bald eagles, mink, and otter. This effort took thirteen years and collaboration between several organizations, agencies, and the Penobscot Indian Nation.

You can find regular updates, including photos on the Penobscot River Restoration Trust’s Flickr stream, and also on their Facebook page.


Great Works Dam Removal – Penobscot River

Saturday, June 9th, 2012
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Maine Audubon staff members will be in attendance at a day long event, Monday June 11 2012, to mark and celebrate restoring the Penobscot River and reviving its communities, fisheries and wildlife with the removal of the Great Works Dam.

The day kicks off on Indian Island at Sockalexis Hall with a live broadcast from the site where dismantling of the Great Works Dam will begin. A live, online video stream here is being made available, updates to twitter using the hashtag #RestorePenobscot, will be viewable on this search page, and photos and video will be posted throughout the day.

The Penobscot River Restoration Trust web site has more information on the project, and, the day’s event details are on this page as well.

The Penobscot River Restoration Trust is the non-profit organization charged with implementing the core aspects of the restoration effort, including purchase and removal of the two lowermost dams on the Penobscot River, Veazie and Great Works, and purchase and decommissioning of a third dam, Howland Dam, where a fish bypass will be constructed. Members of the Trust include the Penobscot Indian Nation, American Rivers, Atlantic Salmon Federation, Maine Audubon, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Trout Unlimited, and The Nature Conservancy. The tribe and each conservation organization is represented on the board of directors, along with three additional board members.