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Using Fireworks on or Near a Beach? Please be Mindful of Nesting Plovers

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
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The plover chick is about the size of a cotton ball! Photo by Bob Malbon

As you head out for your 4th of July celebrations Maine Audubon reminds you that if you are going to set off fireworks in towns that haven’t banned them to please refrain from doing so near endangered piping plover nests or the wire exclosures that protect them from predators. While many coastal towns have banned consumer fireworks, a few in southern Maine have not yet done so, and beaches in Scarborough and throughout York County are prime plover habitat. In any case, consumer fireworks are illegal to detonate on public property, which includes public beaches.

Last year at this time, before the current law went into effect, a tragic incident at Hill’s Beach led to the deaths of endangered plover chicks due to exposure after a pair of nesting adults abandoned their nest during a non-sanctioned evening fireworks barrage. Let’s work together to ensure history does not repeat itself in 2012. Be safe, have fun, but please be considerate of your neighbors and of endangered species like the piping plover. Thank you.


Kennebunkport Residents Vote to Ban Consumer Fireworks

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
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Maine Audubon is pleased to report that Kennebunkport residents have voted overwhelmingly (550 to 254, more than a 2-to-1 margin) to enact a ban on the sale and use of consumer fireworks in the town. This is good news for endangered piping plovers, whose nests on southern Maine beaches took a major hit a couple of weeks ago during a recent heavy rain storm, which also coincided with astronomical high tides. In York County, where a majority of Maine’s 43 known pairs of piping plovers make their nests, Kennebunkport joins neighboring Old Orchard Beach and Biddeford in enacting local fireworks bans.

Certificate of Election – Town of Kennebunkport June 12, 2012