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Action Alert: Voice Your Opposition to Pruitt’s Confirmation as EPA Administrator

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017
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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is at the heart of our nation’s protection of clean air and water. Its work is absolutely critical to the health of America’s wildlife and habitat.

President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA poses a clear and present threat to wildlife in Maine and around the nation. In this role, Pruitt would be in a very powerful position to undermine core environmental protections.

We need your help in opposing this nomination.

The Senate’s confirmation hearing for Pruitt is set for Wednesday, January 18. Sen. Susan Collins will play a pivotal role in determining whether this confirmation is successful. Please contact Sen. Collins today and urge her to come out NOW in opposition to Pruitt’s confirmation:

  • DC office: (202) 224-2523

  • Augusta: (207) 622-8414

  • Bangor: (207) 945-0417

  • Biddeford: (207) 283-1101

  • Caribou: (207) 493-7873

  • Lewiston: (207) 784-6969

  • Portland: (207) 780-3575

Oklahoma Attorney General Pruitt denies the realities of climate change, falsely claiming that “scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind.” He has repeatedly fought the very agency he has been chosen to lead. As Attorney General of Oklahoma, he challenged the EPA’s authority to limit carbon pollution and to protect clean drinking water. He called the Clean Power Plan “unlawful and overreaching” and sued the EPA in order to protect the interests of polluters and the fossil fuel industry.

The U.S. Senate must not approve Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator.

We need more than just Sen. Collins’ vote against Pruitt — without additional Republican votes, we cannot succeed. We need Sen. Collins to voice her opposition NOW, and to be a leader in her Senate Republican caucus, persuading her colleagues to join her in opposing Pruitt. Voting the right way in the final moments is not enough.

Please call Sen. Collins now and urge her to oppose this anti-science, anti-conservation nomination — and to encourage her colleagues to do the same.

There is so much at stake for Maine’s people and environment. Thank you for your support.

JenniferJenn Burns Gray
Maine Audubon Staff Attorney and Advocate
[email protected]
(207) 781-2330 x224



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