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Wildfire Episode 1 – Conservation Legislation

Friday, February 8th, 2013
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Did you know that lead fishing weights are killing Maine’s beloved Loon population? Chances are, you didn’t. Kind of ironic that the distinct and calming song of the Common Loon could actually be its mournful cry for help. Maine Audubon, sportsmen and others are working to ban the use of lead fishing weights. You can find out about this issue and dozens of others by watching WildFire – hosted by insiders, the people who live, breathe and monitor Maine’s conservation activities.

Wildfire – Episode 1 – Conservation Legislation

Guests in this episode: Maureen Drouin of Maine Conservation Voters, Bob Duchesne, Maine Audubon board member and Maine Birding Trail author, and our executive director Ted Koffman. Hosts are George Smith and Harry Vanderweide

About the show: Maine Audubon is now hosting the Time Warner “WildFire” cable TV program, beginning this week. We plan to use this vehicle as an informed voice for Maine’s conservation community to reach a wide audience of conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen and women, and families. The show will run on Time Warner’s channel 9 which reaches 300,000 locations in Maine, and, will be available to view online.

Program topics will range from wildlife conservation projects and issues to family outdoor activities, and will include invited guests.  This first episode focuses on the Maine Conservation Alliance priority bills in the current legislative session. The next episode will feature our own Susan Gallo who will speak about Maine Audubon’s bill to ban lead sinkers and phase out lead fishing jigs. Too often Maine’s Loons are poisoned as a consequence of swallowing lead fishing gear. Topics may include wind power siting; moose management; restoration of Alewife spawning areas; and wild Brook Trout habitat conservation, among others.