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Help Defeat LD 1853!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
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A last minute bill has been submitted in the Legislature that would completely rewrite Maine’s mining regulations.  LD 1853, An Act To Improve Environmental Oversight and Streamline Permitting for Mining in Maine, would replace the state’s current, carefully crafted mining regulations with weaker standards, leaving Maine’s pristine natural environment and clean water vulnerable to the dangers of open-pit mining.  We need your help to defeat this bill!

The Environment and Natural Resources Committee is holding a public hearing for LD 1853 this Friday, March 30th at 1:00 p.m. in Cross Building Room 216.  Please join us in Augusta on Friday to show your support for Maine’s wildlife and wildlife habitat.  Please also call your legislators and urge them to oppose LD 1853.  Let them know that we should keep Maine’s current mining regulations intact and  that we should study this issue further before making dramatic changes.

The final language for LD 1853 is currently being written (you can view the latest Committee information for LD 1853 here).  As it is written now, this bill would relax open-pit mining regulations for gold, silver and copper.  And although proponents of this bill are stating they want mining operations that will not pollute our water, this bill would allow mining companies to dump their waste into our floodplains and flood hazard zones.  There is sound evidence that this practice would pollute our ground and surface water, thus poisoning the lakes, streams and rivers that our treasured wildlife depend on.

Please join us on Friday, March 30th in Augusta to oppose LD 1853, and call your legislators today and let them know that this bill is bad for Maine’s environment!

Thank you for your continued support!